What you need to know before buying a safe

Home SafeBuying a safe is not as easy as it might seem. Safe Locksmith in Toronto has many different types of safes to choose from, and the wrong choice could cost you dearly. To help you make an informed decision, we have put together this ultimate guide for buying a safe in Toronto. We will discuss the factors that should go into your purchasing decision, what questions to ask before making your final purchase, and how safety standards are tested. Locksmiths in Toronto can also offer additional services like installing locks or keypads on any type of floor safe that you buy!


Not All Gun Safes Are The Same

Most people assume that all gun safes are the same, and Locksmith in Toronto can tell you this is not true. If you want to store your firearms safely, buying a safe designed specifically for guns is essential.


The gun safes have unique features which allow them to meet standards in Toronto. Locksmiths in Toronto are often called to open safes, so your safety mustn’t be easily accessible by anyone other than you.


These gun safes also have different locking mechanisms, making them more difficult for locksmiths in Toronto to unlock. If someone breaks into your house with the intent of stealing firearms, then having a solid gun safe could be the difference between losing your weapon and keeping it safely tucked away. Locksmiths in Toronto can also cut new keys for any type of floor safe, so this way, you don’t have to worry about not being able to access your valuables if you lose one key!


Fireproof Safes are a form of security to keep your possessions safe from fire, Locksmith in Toronto can also install new locks or keypads on any floor safe you buy! A fireproof safe has been tested for resistance against internal and external temperatures, and Locksmiths in Toronto use this as their primary method when testing safes for fire resistance. Locksmiths in Toronto are also called upon to open up locked safes that a fire or smoke has damaged, so there must be some extra security for your safety!


Small safes are great for stashing your most valuable possessions away when traveling. You can also choose a smaller safe for your home if you have items that you are concerned about. Larger safes are harder to move, so having something small that’s easy to transport can be extremely useful!


Wall Safes are an excellent option for hiding your valuables in plain sight. Wall safes are tested differently than floor or cabinet safes since they aren’t easily accessible by anyone other than you.


Jewelry Safes are perfect for protecting your most delicate pieces of jewelry. It’s essential to take extra precautions when storing anything so valuable! Key Locks are extremely common on safes because they are affordable and straightforward, and more expensive locks have more intricate mechanisms inside that make them harder for anyone to unlock.


Standalone Home Safe is extremely versatile. It also has a drop-down door on any floor safe you buy, which is excellent for keeping the contents out of sight! 


Don’t Rely On A Fireproof Safe To Keep Your Home Safe From Intruders.

Locksmiths in Toronto don’t often consider the security of a safe as Locksmith in Toronto. Locking mechanisms on safes are meant to keep it secure from intruders, and they should be more than enough for you to feel at ease with Locksmiths in Toronto.


Never Use A Floor Safe To Defend Against Fire

A floor safe is a great way to protect your valuables from burglary and fire. These safes are also designed for gold, silver coins, or jewelry because five sides of this small metal box with concrete in the middle will provide excellent protection against both attacks by criminals who want what we have. That’s why most people assume that when you buy one – not only do they offer good insurance but additional security measures such as preventing theft through flames too!


Unfortunately, except for a few floor safes, which do come equipped with fire retardant material as part of their construction process (and it’s always best to make sure yours does), most don’t offer any degree of protection against flames. This means that if you’re looking for something reliable and durable enough to protect your cash–or anything else really!–you should go ahead and invest in one without hesitation!


What Size Safe Should You purchase?

There are many reasons to buy the biggest safe you can afford, but one significant benefit is how much space it will provide. If storage capacity matters most when deciding which type or size safe best suits your needs and budget, ensure there’s enough room inside for all those items! You can go even more significant if you have a lot of items to store.


What Security Rating Is Ideal For Safeguarding Your Valuables?

Many people have a wide range of items that they want to protect. We would recommend investing in one of our high-quality safes for your most valuable possessions or more significant protection needs for these customers.

The following industry guidelines provide a general idea of the security level each safe offers. These values are used for insurance purposes and should be checked against your requirements, but they’re still worth considering when buying or refinancing the property to get the protection that best suits your needs! 

  • A safe has passed the test to be up to $5,000 in content value. It can be opened easily with a low-end rating but is more secure if it has an expensive one like TL 5 or higher, which would cost more money for testing purposes, so manufacturers don’t do this often. It doesn’t matter what type of security you need – there are safes available that will suit any situation!
  • For a small fee, you can get the best quality doors from our store. These products have been rated B-Rated and come in at up to $10k worth per door!
  • C Rated Up to $30,000. This means that the content of your home is valued at up to 1 inch on the door, and the body will be protected with a max rating of just under 1/2″.
  • A TL-15 Rating means the door can resist entry for 15 minutes when attacked with common hand tools, picking devices, or mechanical drills.


When Is It Appropriate To Utilize A Hidden Safe Or A Wall Safe?

A wall safe is not the best place to store high-value items because it can easily be cut or pried out of its position. Fire protection for these safes is limited, making them vulnerable if there is ever a fire within your home. All they provide is concealment. Burglars will look either hidden away from sight if possible with no signs identifying where this storage facility may have been placed inside (or outside) one’s house. But most likely seeks out any type with prominent features like handles sticking up into view when positioned against an exterior surface such as wood siding on homes. Hidden safes are much more secure than wall safes and can be placed in plain sight, which means that they could easily blend into their surroundings. These locksmith Toronto professionals offer locksmith services for your home or business 24/seven!


Where Should You Put Your Safe?

The most challenging decision for customers is where to place their safes. If you do not have an alarm system in your home or business, putting it “out of sight” can help avoid forgetting about the valuable items inside and ensure they stay safe from would-be burglars! One consideration worth considering when choosing a good hiding spot: consider what access lighting is available nearby so that entering codes will be accessible even without turning on any lights yourself beforehand (you know those pesky hash marks).


Should You Anchor Your Safe?

Anchoring can be an effective way to secure your safety. Anchors are the easiest thing for a burglar to break into any of them, but it’s even more difficult if they move or remove the anchor point to make sure that no one knows about their plan. 


If you think someone might find out about what’s inside before long, take extra security precautions by hiding away safes when not needed – like making curtains out of duct tape!


Safe Locksmith in Toronto, Canada

A Plus Services is a locally-owned and operated business with years of experience in the safe industry. We’ve got plenty of knowledge to share about how best to choose one that suits your needs. When choosing between various types of safes or vaults, be sure you know what kind will provide you with the level of security protection you need – from bank vaults to fireproof models designed for home use. And don’t forget that other considerations go into buying a safe as well – such as whether or not it should come equipped with an alarm system or if it can accommodate large items like guns and jewelry boxes. If you’re not sure where to start, call A Plus Services. We’ll be happy to help you install a safe that will suit any situation!