What To Do If A Doorknob Turns But The Door Does Not Open

What To Do If A Doorknob Turns But The Door Does Not OpenDo you have a doorknob that turns but doesn’t open? It happens to all of us. You’re probably frustrated because this isn’t something that you can fix yourself, and now you are trying to figure out what to do next. Doors that turn without opening are a nuisance. They’re not just an annoyance, they can be dangerous if you get stuck in a room and cannot get out. Luckily, there is a way to fix it yourself!


Doorknobs are one of the oldest pieces of hardware in a home, so it’s no surprise that they sometimes need some help. In this blog post, A Plus Services, a professional locksmith company in the Greater Toronto area that specializes in locks, doors, and keys, will discuss how to repair a doorknob that turns but does not open. Read on to learn more!


How to Fix a Doorknob that Is Turning but Not Opening?


A doorknob that turns but doesn’t open is a common problem for many homeowners. If you are encountering this issue, there are a few ways to fix it.


The first thing to do is check the door lock mechanism and see if something has fallen into it or if it needs lubrication. Next, try removing the screws from the inside of the doorknob and on each side of the frame where it attaches in order to adjust how tightly closed the door will be when closed with that particular type of hardware. Finally, you can also remove any loose material around your keyhole, making sure not to disengage anything important like wires or pipes before reassembling everything together. These three fixes should get your handle working again!


Here’s how to do it:


Step One: Turn a screwdriver around the knob. 

The knob’s mechanism is often stuck on one side of the door and needs to be loosened. A screwdriver can help with this – turn around the doorknob, starting from either end but going in opposite directions. You should feel movement as you twist it back and forth. This will usually free up some of those stubborn mechanisms so that they are no longer locked into place by friction. If not, continue onto step two!


Step Two: Lubricate the mechanism with silicone grease or a pencil eraser and try again. 

If turning a screwdriver doesn’t solve your problem, try using silicone grease (available at any hardware store) or rub a pencil eraser on the surface of the doorknob. Many times this is all it takes to get things moving again! 


Step Three: Try the doorknob again!

If you’re still having problems, it’s time to visit a locksmith. They will be able to open the door for you and fix whatever is wrong with your lock mechanism.


Step Four: Give yourself a high-five and move onto something else.

It can feel disheartening when something as simple as opening a door doesn’t work like it should but don’t worry! You’ve done everything right so far by trying various solutions before calling in reinforcements. 


When To Call In Help From Professionals


If these steps seem too complicated or if there is more than one doorknob that needs fixing then get an appointment with a certified locksmith in your area. A locksmith will be able to open the door for you and fix whatever is wrong with your lock mechanism.


Why Do My Doorknobs Are Not Working Properly


1. Broken doorknobs


There are a few possible reasons why your doorknob might not work correctly. The first reason is that the doorknob mechanism inside the house could be broken beyond repair. This can happen if someone has been trying to force open a locked or jammed door with their hands and twists too hard on the doorknob as they push, which will break it off from its hinges in some cases. If this seems like something you may have done, try testing out another one of the knobs by turning it and lifting while pushing against it; if nothing happens, then there’s no need to worry about anything other than finding an appropriate replacement for it that specific knob. Or you’ll need a locksmith to get it out. They can either fix your lock for an inexpensive fee or replace it with another one if necessary. 


2. Debris stuck between the knob’s teeth


Another common problem people encounter when using their doorknobs is getting crumbs, dust, and other debris in between the teeth of the knob. This happens when someone tries to use their hands or a cloth to open it without wiping off all of those things first, which will only make matters worse by getting them clogged up even more. Just give these areas a cleaning or a light scrubbing with warm water so that nothing comes in contact with the metal.


3. A knob may have been put on improperly, leaving it loose in the hole.


This can easily be fixed by flipping the doorknob around so that it was initially facing down, then it should now face up; vice versa for being too high in the frame. You’ll want to use a flathead screwdriver as well as some pliers to turn counterclockwise until your doorknobs are tightened properly into place again. You will also need to be sure the knob is turning in the right direction.


4. Wrong latch placement


The latch may have been put on backward, so if this is what’s happening, spin the knobs around until they’re in a better position. Otherwise, try pushing down into the space where the latch usually goes from both sides of the door. If neither works, you’ll need to call an expert professional because something isn’t right with either your lock or hinge system.


5. The door is not aligned with the frame 


This can happen for a couple of reasons- If you have an older style knob and bolt set up, which doesn’t allow for much movement on either side without getting out specialized tools and adjusting things, it may be that your hinge or strike plate was knocked off-center during installation or repair. This is a problem that’s easy to fix. Adjust the hinges on either side of the door, so they’re in line with one another, and try closing it again. Some other things that can happen are more complicated repairs like replacing your lock, hinge, or knob system, depending on what you need to be done. It’s best to call an expert professional if this happens because it means there may be something wrong with your property that needs fixing by someone who knows how to do it right!


6. It’s a screw problem


Sometimes people over-tighten screws and need to be loosened up to be able to open the door. You can try using a small and thin flathead screwdriver or another Phillips’s head to loosen up the screws before opening them out with your fingers by turning them away from you in an anti-clockwise direction while pressing down on the handle of the door with your hand’s thumb since it is usually turned towards that side when opened.


If all else fails, then call in a professional locksmith who could fix this problem for you as they know how to get through doors without damaging them.


Door Repair Locksmith in Toronto


The problem with the doorknob is likely a mechanical issue. Contact our team of experts to get your door fixed today! We have years of experience, and we can fix any type of knob or lock that’s giving you trouble. You don’t need to worry about us breaking down your door; all we need is access to the inside so that we can take care of this easily repairable problem for you before it becomes an emergency requiring a locksmith. Call A Plus Services now at (647) 850-7305 if you are experiencing problems with your doorknobs not opening doors properly.