How to Open a Locked Safe

locked safeA locked safe can be a hassle. Whether it’s a safe you’ve had for a long time or a brand-new one, locking yourself out of a safe is a pain. However, there are ways to get back inside your safe. Some locksmiths specialize in safes and offer services that may help open a locked safe.


Locksmiths are an excellent option for safe opening services. The locksmith can come to your location, assess the situation, and offer a quote on how much it will cost to open a locked safe. They may provide you with a temporary lock that will allow you access to your safe until a permanent one is installed. Some locksmiths may also drill a hole in a safe and then use a wire to open it. This option, however, is a more expensive one.


There is another less expensive option for opening a locked safe: the services of a used-safe dealer or a scrap yard with a heavy-duty tools department. You can send a locksmith to the dealer’s location with a drill and a pair of bolt cutters. Once they find out what you need, a locksmith can open a safe for a very reasonable price.


If you don’t know the combination to your safe, there are many ways of getting in. You can have one changed for you or go through an override key-making service and even get them made by a locksmith if need be. Or call up some pros who will drill holes into any locked safes so that people with original codes still need their keys again!


1. Key Replacement.


In case you’ve lost the keys to your safe, don’t panic. Contact a locksmith instead of trying (and failing) to open it yourself or waiting for someone else who may never find them! They’ll have no trouble replacing those pesky duplicate keys and getting us back into our jam-packed home safe again in no time at all.


2. Pick The Lock 


If you want to try and break in a safe, the result is that it’s likely not going to work because today, safes are made to deal with pick locks (or any other form of attack). On top of this, they’re also fireproof. You will most probably get injured or have your attempts fail – which means there’s no way for us as consumers anyways! However, we can call up our local locksmith who has access to some tools/gadgets designed just for picking these types of security devices, so he’ll come to unlock ours without damages done to it. But a locksmith may charge you by the hour, whereas a dealer may give a set fee for a job like this depending on what they’re looking to use their tools on. That may be more worth your time if you’re tight on cash!


3. Drill A Hole Into The Locker


The next step for those who have exhausted their options with high-security safe locks is drilling. It’s never fun to hear that locksmiths may need to drill your safety deposit box, but if you want the contents inside as soon as possible, then there isn’t much choice in this situation- unfortunately! As a result, a locksmith may drill a hole into your safe with a rotary drill bit (which looks like a standard drill bit, except it’s attached to a rotary machine). Then they can either use a wire or a steel handcuff key to unlock the safe.


4. Replace The Lock


Some models of the safe do allow you to replace the lock in case your key is lost. If the locksmith drilled through and unlocked it with their skillset, they could also provide new keys for them! Experienced professionals don’t only deal with regular safe-type locks – mechanical dial combination or pin code devices may also need servicing if something goes wrong on one side, so call an expert who knows what he’s doing to help!


5. Call a professional Safe locksmith.


A locksmith can come to your location, assess the situation, and offer a quote on how much it will cost to open a locked safe. They may provide you with a temporary lock that will allow you access to your safe until a permanent one is installed. Some locksmiths work on weekends, and others have a 24/7 emergency locksmith service. If a locksmith can pop a lock for a low price, they can usually offer a job that fits your budget as well!


6. Try Overrunning The Digital Panels


A digital safe can be a time-consuming and challenging task to open, but you will find that they are not as tough with some patience. Gather an object such as a chisel or hammer before starting this process, for it goes smoothly – try using something flat with an elongated tip at first, then switch out tools if needed! Once equipped head over heels, ensure the tool fits through your desired opening (size doesn’t matter). Now place against the bottom left corner where screws should line up next two silver-colored knobs on either side of the dial plate. These need to be removed too once all visible pieces have been pried back off slightly from the surrounding casing by applying leverage along front edges after removing plastic tabs holding them securely onto hinges.


7. Use a Heat Gun


One of the tools a locksmith may use to open a locked safe is a heat gun. The high temperature a heat gun produces can deform a lock, which will enable a locksmith to remove it from a door or a safe. They will direct the hot air flow fast and at a specific angle to heat a lock without damaging a safe.

An alternative way to open a locked safe is using a drill press with a wire wheel, but it can damage the surface of a safe if not done correctly. A locksmith knows how to do this in a way that prevents any damage.

Irrespective of the method you use, make sure to a locksmith in a way a dealer can’t when you want a safe opened fast!


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