How Do You Open a Safe without the Key or Code

Open a Safe

There may come a time when you need to open a safe but don’t have the key or code. Whether you’ve forgotten the combination or the key has been lost, there are several ways to open a safe without either. Let’s get started! Here, we’ll discuss four methods for unlocking a safe without the key or code.

#1. Try Using a Paper Clip

One of the easiest ways to open a safe without a key is using a paper clip. For this method to work, you will need one long and two short pieces with points at both ends (for example, an accounting pencil). Insert these shanks into each side-chamber inside your lock; do not force them deep enough, or else it may snap! Once in place, gently turn anti-clockwise until unlocked, then remove tweezers immediately because if left too long, there could be damage done from corrosion on the inside of the lock.

#2. Use A Screwdriver

Another common way to open a safe without the key is using a screwdriver. This method may require some force, so be careful not to damage the safe. Start by removing the screws from the panel on the front of the safe. Once the screws are removed, you should lift off the panel and see the lock. Use the screwdriver to pressure the lock and turn it until it opens.

#3. Try Opening The Safe with a Nail File

With this technique, you’ll want to insert the pointy end of your nail file into one side and wiggle it around in there until you hear that clicking noise. Next, pick up both pieces with fingers (or other tools) so they are lined up perfectly, facing each other across a space on either side. Then press down hard enough for them to not just stick together but rather stay stuck as if somebody put superglue onto both ends – making sure not too much comes out or else use another tool like scissors instead! Once pressed firmly enough for about 10 seconds, you should see some cracks appearing along their long lines. The file has now effectively turned into a makeshift key to open up the old-man ‘s safe.

#4. Try Opening The Safe With The Aid Of a Knife 

Opening the safe with a knife can be easy and fast. Use your tip, insert it into one half of each keyhole on either side (near where they meet), shake slightly until you hear an audible click or cycling sound from inside – this should open up pretty quickly if the lock were not changed previously. If it doesn’t, you can use a butter knife if needed.

#5. Use a Rare Earth Magnet 

A solenoid is an electronic component that controls the locking mechanism. You can reset this material by using strong rare earth magnets or Neodymium Magnets, which are typically found at your local hardware store and available for purchase online from retailers as well.

A rare-earth magnet is a great way to open your safe if you’ve forgotten the combination. Place one in a sock and attach it at the top left corner next to where solenoids are found on the right side, then move slowly towards this area while moving all around inside, eventually locating them with patience! This hack works nearly every time because they’re strong enough even without touching any metal objects within range (though make sure not too far forward).

#6. Drilling A Hole Into The Safe

Drilling is a great option when you have forgotten the combination to your safe or lost both keys. To open it through drilling, all that’s needed are small holes in place of where they were before, allowing us to access unlocking locks with our fingers! One downside. However, besides damaging safes sometimes because there isn’t much space around them -it isn’t always easy on delicate mechanisms such as these, so consider what else might need doing first before deciding whether this would hurt anything more than just wasting time.

The best way to drill a safe is to use a diamond drill bit. This type of bit can be expensive, but it’s worth the investment. The diamond drill bit will cut through the metal of the safe quickly. When drilling the safe, make sure you do not damage any internal components. If you do damage something, the safe will not be opened.


Now that you know how to open a safe without the key or code, you’ll be able to get into your safe in case of an emergency. Remember, these are just some methods that may work – if they don’t, consult a safe  for assistance.


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