Different Types of Safes for your Home

SafeThe number of burglaries has steadily declined over the years. However, that does not necessarily mean your home is free from danger. You must always be prepared for the worst by having a safe place to store your valuables at home. There are plenty of safes that you can choose from, so you must know what will work best for you and your family’s safety before making any purchases. Here are some other options that could work well with your needs: 


Wall Safes

A wall safe is a type of secure storage that can be fitted into your home. It offers excellent protection from theft and usually fits between the studs in your walls, so you don’t have an ugly hole cut out on either side if you need to remove it for repairs or upgrades down the line! You could also conceal this by hiding under furniture like bookshelves or behind paintings. But, make sure there’s enough space left over after these items are placed. For those looking specifically for safety against document pilferage, here comes highly rated when compared with other types since their rating is top-notch.


Gun Safes

A gun is a dangerous weapon that can cause death or injury to anyone who comes into contact with it. To keep your family safe, all firearms should be stored by local laws and regulations, and precautions are taken by holding them properly – including having the correct type of safe for this purpose! You’ll want something sturdy enough, so if someone steals from you, know there will be physical evidence left behind showing where they got access (like fingerprints). This will also help police in making a case against the thief should they be caught later!


Floor Safes

A floor safe can be either built into the ground or cemented into your basement. They’re challenging for burglars to remove, and they come in narrow footprints, so you’ll easily be able to fit one between most floor boards! You could also hide this under furniture pieces like tables or carpets if need be. It depends upon where space is at an abundant rate around here.


Gun Concealment Safes

Do you want to keep your guns accessible but still hidden from plain sight? The best way is by investing in a gun concealment safe that will look exactly like any other piece of furniture. Rather than having them locked away in some secure location, when it comes time for emergencies or just wanting access to one particular firearm, they can be right where everyone else appears – on display! Look at what kind looks most appealing based on its style with relation back towards yours. Hence, there isn’t too much contrast between each piece while keeping things cohesive overall- this makes everything easier on the eyes, thus improving aesthetics.


Fireproof safe

Fire safes are great for storing documents you may need in an emergency, like important identity cards. These safes can withstand up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (1700° Celsius), which is about as high a fire would reach! The UL rating makes sure these things stand against fires set by terrorists or Identity Theft criminals who want your most valuable possessions destroyed. Not something likely happening anytime soon, though, right?


Portable Safes

The portable safes are small enough to fit in your luggage and come with a handle so you can easily carry them. They have trays for classifying items, which means they’re perfect if they need protection from theft, including cash or medication and other valuables like jewelry.

The benefits of owning this type over others lie mainly within its convenience because these units hook onto any suitcase without being too large themselves, there isn’t much hassle trying to move around while traveling. Moreover, once set up, all one needs to do is close their door shut before getting on an airplane, no extra bulky baggage required in the hold!


Diversion Safes

Diversion safes are small, inconspicuous containers intended for hiding items from thieves. These safes can be found in most everyday objects such as household cleaners or books and candles, among others, because they’re so well-hidden that most people would never notice them! Diversion Safes’ hidden compartments make them perfect storage spaces when you need to hide something important but don’t want anyone else finding out about it either.

These non-traditional types of safes will keep your belongings away from those who don’t belong around them, whether they’re burglars or other family members you’d like to prevent the items from!


Drawer Safe

If you are looking for the easiest way to store items that need protecting, then safes are great. These small cabinets can be hidden under your bed or in a closet and do an efficient job at keeping whatever is inside safer than if it were left out on display where anyone could quickly get their hands on them.

These types of locks are convenient as all you have to do when guests come over is hide away some things they might want access to while still making sure these essential possessions stay right here with me!


File Safes

If you need to take personal documents or file folders with you, a steel safe is the best choice. These safes offer excellent protection for your belongings and will be sturdy when on the go. The portable design also means that these units can’t get destroyed if moved around within an office space during work hours!

It may seem like most people choose this type out of necessity rather than preference. However, we recommend getting one to avoid any problems later down the line from forgetting where certain things are stored at home. This could lead to lost opportunities professionally speaking ̶ such as tax refunds not being claimed due date slips left behind after closing up shop on furniture ̶ leading to financial complications.


Combination Dial Lock

Safes with electronic keypads are more secure than those that require a key, and the only downside is you must remember which number turns the lock on your safe and enter them for it to open.

Some people believe that if they lose their keys, then all hope will be lost. However, there’s not much hassle involved at all! You’ll need to make sure whatever locks your valuables inside can take an accidental bump or two from time to time without anyone being able to escape because somebody might’ve forgotten where he parked his car keys, too sometimes.


Electronic Lock

One of the best features of these safes is that they can be opened with a keypad and code. This means you don’t need a unique handprint or retina scan for your items to be accessible! All it takes are some quick presses on buttons. The best part is that these locks also have a backup if you forget the code. So, there is no reason to worry about getting locked out.

The main benefit of investing in a safe is that it can protect your belongings from burglars and keep them secure during natural disasters when everyone else has lost their senses. For example, if everyone else is rushing to get out of a burning building, you can run around closing all your windows and locking up before leaving.


Biometric Lock

Biometric safes are the ultimate way to keep your valuables from prying eyes. This digital lock can’t be opened unless you want them to, which means these types of safes will only open with a fingerprint scan and not by guesswork or hacking techniques used in code-based electronic locks. The biometrics stored within these high-tech devices don’t just keep one set of fingerprints but multiple sets. So users only need to enter their unique identifying pattern instead – this removes any fears people may have about others finding out how they’re getting locked items without permission!



Using a safe that operates with a card swipe feature makes it very tough for someone to break into the safe without you knowing. The card can be programmed with different combinations on them, and it takes swiping or punching in both codes needed to get inside your vaults! This ensures not only does this make sure all your assets are well-protected, but changing any of those features becomes much harder should anything happen, like if somebody gets their hands on one wrong piece of information.

The programming aspect also means there’s no need to worry about hacking technology trying to access essential data stored within the safe, which can lead to lost important data or personal information about individuals falling into the wrong hands.

A final reason why you should consider this type is that it’s easy to use! All you have to do is swipe your card, input a unique code and open up your vault doors without worrying about locksmith fees if you’re locked out.


False Bottom

A false bottom is a great way to hide extra items from other people in your home. It’s beneficial if you have things that don’t belong on display, like a thumb drive or papers for work. The space will only allow room deep enough so these small secrets can fit. However, it’ll be well worth the effort when it comes to preventing any kind of unwanted snooping.

Taking your stuff to a new location can be difficult, but you’re guaranteed that nobody else knows about the false bottom’s existence. So if you have something that you do not want anyone to know about, then chances are great that no one will ever know where it went, especially if you take care of the false bottom. The best part about a false bottom safe is that you can move it wherever you want, and no one will ever know where your valuables are kept.


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