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Panic Bars Installation Services

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Panic Bar Installation Services

A multitude of tragedies around the globe has taught us the importance of a fast and safe exit from commercial and residential buildings. One of the best ways to ensure immediate egress is panic bars, also known as push bars, crash bars, or exit bars. They serve as exit devices and play a huge role in the safety of lives and property. 

Panic doors can stay locked from the outside and remain easily accessible from the inside for people to leave the building in case of an emergency without unlocking the door. They are designed to target everyone regardless of age, and physical strength — even children, the elderly, and people with limited mobility can easily open panic doors. 

Let’s discuss the types of push bars, dive into panic bar installation options, and learn the benefits of equipping your building with emergency exits

Types of Panic Bars We Serve

Nowadays, most businesses ought to have an emergency exit to comply with the laws. However, there are several types of push bars, all of which comply with regulations. We are going to consider three types and highlight strengths and weaknesses.

Rim exit device

What makes a rim exit device so secure is the latch construction. In this type of bars, the latch is sticking out of the end of the bar itself, ensuring high security and long-lasting performance. A deadlatch stops the door from being forcibly opened to access the building without permission. A lock cylinder can be installed on a rim panic bar to unlock the door from the outside. Rim exit devices are the most popular option for single doors.

Mortise exit device

A mortise exit device has a different construction where the latch is placed in the door’s cavity. This type of panic bar is perfect for buildings with high traffic. Providing reliability and years-long security, mortise exit devices are a good choice for a single door entrance. To provide the utmost security, it is critical to fit a lock properly. Otherwise, the lock can be accessed with a plastic card and opened by unauthorized personnel. 

Vertical rod exit device

Vertical rod exit devices are a perfect solution for double doors. We distinguish between a surface vertical rod visible on the door and a concealed vertical rod that is subtly hidden in the door. Placing the rod inside the door is more expensive than attaching it to the door’s surface, making a surface vertical rod a more affordable choice. On the other hand, concealed vertical rods offer an aesthetic solution that preserves a congruent interior of the building. 

Benefits of Panic Bar

  • Safety

Nowadays, safety standards require a commercial panic bar door installation to increase safety during the evacuation. Crash bars provide a quick and easy escape from a building and prevent people from queuing, getting hurt, and being trapped inside the building during an emergency evacuation. In case of a fire or any other hazardous situation, occupants can quickly open the doors by slightly pushing the panic bar instead of unlocking the door and wasting precious time. 

In non-emergency cases, doors with crash bars can serve as a quick and secure exit for the guests of the building. Guests can easily open the door while leaving the premises, and the instant door closer will make sure that they won’t be able to reenter the building without permission. 

  • Effectiveness

Panic bar doors are the easiest doors to operate. Regardless of your age, height, and physical strength, you will easily manage to get the door open by a slight push of the bar. They are accessible for people with handicaps and limited mobility, for children and elderly as well as people carrying heavy bags or strollers. 

  • Affordability

Installing a brand new, highly secured door will cost you a small fortune. The vast majority of people prefer to see automatic doors in public places that are effective and safe, however quite expensive and require constant maintenance to ensure smooth operation and efficiency. Moreover, automation comes from electricity, which means that a power cut can jeopardize the safety of the occupants of the building. In comparison, a panic bar installation will remain quite inexpensive, especially if you require several such installations. A locksmith will be likely to giving you a discount for conducting several push bar door locks installations

  • Insurance benefit

Similar to getting discounts on car insurance for vehicles with increased safety features, buildings also receive benefits from insurance companies if they provide maximum security. This only works for buildings that are not obligated to install crash bars. As a property owner, if you go beyond what is required from you to do, you can obtain a very lucrative decrease in your insurance. 

Your insurance bill can go even lower with child-safe windows, carbon monoxide detectors, and smoke alarms. Of course, we put the safety first; however, lowering the insurance bill is a nice additional benefit.

  • Variety of choice

The variety of exit devices is quite broad. You can install a panic bar with a key lock or a push bar that cannot be unlocked from the outside. You can equip the panic door with an alarm that, when triggered, will automatically notify the police or/and fire department. You can choose from different styles to fit in the architecture and interior design of the property. Finally, you can select a push bar that fits your budget, yet still provides reliability and security. 

Cost to Install a Panic Bar

The price of residential and commercial push bar door lock installing depends on the type of the exit device, starting from the cheapest — a rim exit device, all the way up to the most expensive one — a concealed vertical rod. 

A self-installation of a rim exit device will cost you $X, whereas push bar door services offered by a licensed locksmith will be as high as $X. 

It is highly recommended not to install mortise and vertical rod panic bars by yourself. The mechanism is far more complex, and a small mistake can jeopardize the safety of the construction. Installation of a mortise push bar is $X, whereas a vertical rod crash bar will cost you $X.

Our Services

Locks&Doors, a Canadian company based in Toronto, is your trustful partner in exit device installation. Being a licensed locksmith, we are familiar with building codes, which makes us knowledgeable enough to offer panic bar services. 

We offer 24 hours availability for you to seek lock services at any time of the day. Moreover, Locks&Doors has a policy of quick and rapid response to customer requests. You will receive a reply within 15 minutes after reaching out. Additionally, we provide affordable and fair prices to commercial and residential buildings

Finally, we are experts in the field of locks and doors, which means we can answer any of your questions and provide you with an extensive consultation to meet your needs and goals. Your security matters the most, so contact us at any time, and we will set up a consultation to discuss your needs and estimate the cost of the project. 

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