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Fire Rated Door Repair Services

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Fire Rated Door Repair Services

Fire rated doors are the best tool to minimize the impact of fire since they serve as a mechanism that temporarily prevents fire from spreading. Thanks to this, fire rated doors trap the fire streams and potentially save many lives as well as keep the property from unnecessary damages. These doors are made from fire-resistant materials like glass or metal and have to go through a number of tests. Based on these tests, they are assigned different ratings, from 20 minutes up to 180 minutes. These time frames are based on the duration of the exposure of flames that the door can withstand.

What are the different types of fire rated doors? What are the benefits of installing such doors, and what makes them so effective? How high is the price of installing a fire rated entry door? Find the answers to the questions below!

Types of Fire Rated Doors We Repair

You can choose among metal doors, wooden doors, and glass doors. You can also mix and match and install a metal door with a glass panel

What distinguishes a door with a 20-minute rating and one with 60 minutes? What makes a fire rated door truly secure and increases its resistance? First of all, it’s worth mentioning that the doors’ requirements are driven by the walls they are installed into. Remember the rule of three fourths: doors are rated ¾ of the rating of the wall. For example, a 3-hour door will be installed in a 4-hour wall. 

Which fire rated doors can we fix for you, and what is the difference between the types of the doors?

20-minute fire exit doors repair 

Being an exception from the three quarters rule, 20-minute doors are installed in one-hour rated walls in corridors where smoke and draft control are the main concern. For example, 20-minutes are applicable for residential buildings to separate the living area from the garage. 

Install fire rated door with 45 or 60-minute rating

45-minute, as well as 60-minute doors are utilized for in walls of room partitions. Additionally, they are also useful for exterior walls to prevent outside fire sources from entering the building. 

90-minute commercial fire rated doors repair

1-1/2-hour fire doors or 90-minute rated doors are usually built in staircases, elevator shafts, or other isolated areas of the building. They are also used for exterior walls in case of a risk of a heavy fire exposure from the outside surroundings. 

180-minute fire rated doors repair

180-minute or 3-hour fire doors serve as a protection mechanism for the walls that separate buildings or different smaller parts of one building. 

Key Features of Fire Rated Doors

Why is the installation of fire rated doors worth the trouble? What makes them so crucially important?

  • Safety

The main purpose of fire rated doors is providing safety in case of fire. When other people’s lives are at stake, it is better to be safe than sorry. Next to saving lives, these doors help preserve the building itself by limiting the areas exposed to the flames and smoke. Fire rated doors contain fire spreading in one area, thus stopping hazardous gases and heat from affecting other rooms. Finally, these doors give occupants more time to safely leave the building in case of a fire emergency and almost eliminate the exposure to harmful gases. 

  • Security

Fireproof doors are also very robust and thick, which makes them a great burglar protector. Unlike rubber or plastic slats, steel slats used for fire rated doors make them stronger and harder to penetrate. These doors give you an opportunity to leave the building feeling safe and secure.  

  • Customization

Modern doors are augmented with the latest technological innovations, which makes them so much more appealing. They are covered with glazing, door panels, and modern hinges and come with any design that fits the architecture of your building. Modern fire rated doors can be both functional and aesthetic. 

On the first glimpse, it may seem that looks are not important for fireproof doors; however, once you try to sell the property, an eye-pleasing door will increase the market value immensely. Fire rated metal doors repair or installation will not be expensive and, at the same time, reduce the duration of the future selling process. 

  • Soundproofing

Being significantly thick and heavy, fire rated doors serve as great insulation. They are more sound-proof than many other residential or commercial doors. It is especially useful in garages where a lot of loud noises are concentrated, such as washing machine, car, or lawn-mower. The insulating fire door would damper the disturbing sounds and provide comfortable living inside the house. 

  • Contains Smoke

Besides flames, smoke can be highly hazardous and lead to serious health problems or even suffocation. Fire door frames repair will reduce the chance of the smoke spreading beyond one area. This is due to the expansion of the seals during the temperature rise, which contains the smoke in one area and stops it from finding its way to the outside environment.

Common Fire Rated Doors Breakdowns

Why do fire rated doors sometimes fail? How do you ensure passing inspection and prevent common violations?

Hidden fire door labels

Painted over fire door labels will cost you a failed inspection. In fact, missing or hidden labels are the most common violations of fire inspections. Although they may seem negligible, they are actually a very important part of fire protection. The inspector needs to be able to read the fire label and establish whether fire door hardware repair is required. The inspector also needs to know the manufacturer and the rating of the hardware to make the decision about the safety of the building. 

Broken parts

Broken parts of the door mechanism can lead to failures of the door closer and opener. During a fire emergency, these problems can result in huge economic losses as well as serious injuries. It is crucial that fire rated doors open and close automatically and safely to prevent the spread of flames and smoke. 

Another common example is unfixed holes in the door due to door hardware exchange or removal, which will lead to smoke and other toxic fumes accessing other areas.

Kick down door stops

While they might be very convenient in daily life, they will prevent doors from closing automatically and cause a number of problems during a fire. Having unapproved kick down door stops will result in a failed fire inspection. 

Blocking the fire exit

Sometimes the fire door is obstructed by boxes, ladders, and other utilities, especially in a storage or garage. During the fire, you don’t want to waste time on unblocking the exit to leave the building. Even if it is something that can be removed quickly, a blocked fire exit is a serious fire code violation you want to avoid. 

Locked fire exit

It seems obvious; however, there is a number of failed inspections caused by a locked fire exit. Again, a fireproof door needs to be easily accessed and effortlessly opened at any time. A lock kills the whole purpose of fire rated doors. 

Cost to Install Fire Rated Door

The cost of installing fire rated doors depends on the rating, from the cheapest 20-minute door to the most expensive 3-hours door. The material matters, too — a sliding glass door will be more expensive due to its modern look and flexibility of design options. In contrast, a steel door will be a much more affordable investment. You can also install an overhead door for a garage or a warehouse or a sliding door for offices or residential buildings; the pricing range will depend on the door’s size and its fire-resistant rating. Extra tuning can be added for a higher price, such as motion detectors and radio controls. 

Locks&Doors — a partner you can trust

Locks&Doors is a company that can help you install a fire rated door in Toronto. We have 15 years of experience with the installation, replacement, and repair of doors. Being a certified locksmith, we know everything you might need about building codes and fire inspections. After successfully helping hundreds of businesses and private customers, we can guarantee a great service and a satisfactory partnership. Contact Locks&Doors to receive a consultation and begin making your building safe.

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