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Automatic Handicap Door Opener Installation

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Your commercial space holds your livelihood and should be protected with the best locks and security you can find near your location. A plus services can offer the best Automatic Handicap Door Opener Installation service for all of your commercial property needs.

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Automatic Handicap Door Opener Installation

According to the latest Canadian survey on disability reports from 2017, nearly 22% of the Canadian population have one or several disabilities. Most of these disabilities are related to pain, flexibility, and mobility, which physically prevents people from performing everyday tasks. Grocery shopping, going to school or work, just to name a few. 

Installing an automatic door opener has several benefits for your business, office, or other building. With a greater focus on accessibility, those with limited mobility can easily enter and exit your establishment. Making the world more accessible for those with disabilities provides better opportunities and reduced the struggle to enter through a door.

On top of that, an automatic handicap door opener installation will be helpful for parents with strollers, older adults, and anyone with too many bags.

You simply press the handicap automatic door opener button, the door opens and lets you in. It is a simple, yet effective way to improve the experience of someone entering your building.


Why Choose Locks and Doors?

We only employ qualified, knowledgeable, and efficient technicians to install disabled automatic doors in Toronto and surrounding areas. With over 15 years of experience, we know how to solve any issue with installing an automatic door opener button. Contact us today and get a free estimate from an expert service representative. 

For more detailed information on installing a handicapped auto-door, we have answered many common questions about the process and our service below.


Benefits of Automatic Handicap Door Openers 

  • They save energy and money

Install a handicap door opener for disabled people to keep the temperature in the building constant and save money on your electricity bill. Since the doors open and close automatically, there is no chance of them being slightly open or left open for too long. The average duration of opening and closing a door manually is about three minutes, whereas these doors will perform this task quickly and reduce the effect of temperature spikes inside the building, which makes them cost-effective, saving you money in the long run.

  • Automatic doors are great for your business

The cost of installing automatic handicap door openers will be overshadowed by the number of new customers. This benefit is especially attractive to businesses that are in pursuit of a good reputation. Making your building handicap-friendly will put your business on a new level and demonstrate your involvement in social issues.

The study by the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers shows that nearly 98.9% of the population want to see automatic door openers in airports, hospitals, malls, and other public places. Switching to an automatic door will make your business more environmentally conscious, relevant, and will eventually attract more potential customers. 

Finally, you can choose any design you want to fit your current architecture. Nowadays, automatic door manufacturers offer a wide range of choices to ensure a matching design and provide a professional and elegant look at the same time. 

  • They provide security

With a reasonable price for automatic handicap door openers being installed, you make the building a very secure place. These doors mitigate the risk of someone being hit by a door or being trapped inside the building. The safety sensors provide maximum security by detecting objects next to the doors and executing the automatic opening. 

Furthermore, you can implement an alarm system that will trigger the emergency mode and open the doors for everyone to exit the building safely. 

  • They require low maintenance 

Modern automatic doors are easy to maintain. Hire a professional to perform handicap door operators' installation and be sure that your door will not require any repairs for a very long time.

  • Easy to have installed

Even a small building will able to fit these automatic doors due to the flexibility of our installation process. You can roll the door upwards, swing it around or sideways, as well as slide the door, which means that you can fit our doors in locations with little excess room.


Important Automatic Door Features

How do you choose what door suits you best? What are the main features you should focus on? We are experts and answer these questions based on your location, situation, and needs.


Different Styles of Doors

First, we distinguish between swing doors and sliding doors. While they both work, some situations work best with a certain style of automatic door. What should you look for in an automatic door opener? Contact us today to get your questions answered.


They are Noise-Free

Modern door openers are noise-free and eco-friendly. It is especially important in a workplace where a steady stream of people can cause a lot of noise and disrupt the working process.  We make our doors so quiet you'll barely notice that they have opened.


Automatic Doors Provide Safety

Depending on the type of foot traffic, you can adjust the closing speed of the door. Making it faster saves energy, slower speeds increase pedestrians’ safety. A safety feature includes an invisible sensor beam that is integrated to make sure there is no one in the way when the door is being closed, which eliminates the possibility of injuries. Finally, instead of using buttons and switches, you can upgrade to a card reader, especially for a commercial building, like an office that will make your building more secure.


They Are Weather-resistant

The weather in Canada can be unpredictable and severe. Our automatic doors are built for Canada. If you are looking for an installation of a handicap automatic door opener for your outside entrance, ask about an outdoor wireless automatic handicap door with a weather-resistant and low-energy button.


You Can Also Operate the Door Manually

In case of a malfunction, you can always open the door manually. Although some commercial buildings’ models do not offer the manual alternative, a regular door can be installed next to the automatic one to ensure flexibility of movement in case of a power cut or high traffic.


You Can Install Automatic Window Openers

Next to doors, you can also operate the windows from a distance. It is especially important for commercial buildings where the windows are near ceilings, which makes them barely accessible without a ladder. Although there are some limitations to the weight of the windows as well as the distance between them and the switch, the automatic window openers are a great investment for big offices and shopping malls. They are also equipped with safety sensors, which will stop the closing process in case of interference instead of forcing the action at the risk of malfunctioning. The system can be integrated with any kind of window, whereas the installation of the sensors will not damage or change the design of windows in any way. 


Long-lasting Batteries

If you would like to eliminate risks of unexpected electricity cuts hindering the automatic door from functioning, install automatic handicap door openers that operate on a battery. The battery will last roughly 2000 cycles before needing to be recharged. Since the doors can be opened manually, the automatic option will not be used by everyone who enters or leaves the building, which ensures the long-lasting use of the battery. 


They Ensure Easy Access to the Building

Apart from commercial automatic handicap door opener installation with switches and card readers, there are other options. The door can be activated via Bluetooth or RFID reader, which will detect the card within two meters range and automatically open the door. On top of that, you can attach remote controls to wheelchairs as well as use voice activation to ensure easy access.


Automatic Doors are Easy to Install 

Installation of automatic door openers can be easier than you think. A skilled technician can install it for you. However, it is highly recommended to use professional help to ensure the installation of the door and its functions work correctly. The maintenance, on the other hand, is simple: it only requires a couple of drops of oil annually.


Professional Help

It is highly advisable to turn to professionals when looking for an automatic door opener. Locks&Doors is a company with more than 15 years of experience that has helped numerous businesses and private citizens in the Toronto area find the perfect door, select a matching design, and safely install the automatic door. 

We are a team of certified technicians with hundreds of satisfied customers, which makes us a reliable and experienced partner. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in both commercial and residential door openers. Contact Locks&Doors to receive a free consultation and personalized recommendations for your building.

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