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Suppose your building, either residential or commercial, needs to keep some areas restricted. In that case, you might want to consider a door access control system installation. This way, authorized personnel can enter certain rooms and hallways only when using a key card, a fob card, or bypassing a biometric scanner. Such a scanner grants access by analyzing a person’s facial features, fingerprints, or voice.

On top of that, this system will make a recording of every granted or denied entry allowing you to keep track of the movements on your premises. Access control system installation will keep your property safe and allow you to monitor the traffic that enters the door.

What kind of control solution will suit you and your business the best? If you would rather speak to an expert directly, you can book a free consultation call by contacting Locks and Doors. We will discuss your needs and advise the best option for your individual situation.

Let’s consider the differences between the different card access systems and find out how to make the right decision. 


Types of Access Control Systems We Install

Generally speaking, access cards give an individual access to specific parts of the premises. This way, every individual will only get to the areas they’re authorized to enter and access documents they’re permitted. There are three types of access control systems: discretionary access control (DAC), mandatory access control (MAC), and role-based access control (RBAC).


Discretionary Access Control (DAC)

Being the least restrictive access system, DAC gives control over who has access to what into the hands of the property owner. 

The main features:

  • DAC allows flexibility by providing the owner with customization options to alter the permissions and decide who is allowed to enter;
  • It’s easy to monitor and control due to the centralized system of the network;
  • The system enables regular backup procedures to secure data and avoid information loss;
  • Control management is easy to handle and maintain, which simplifies issuing new permissions. 
  • DAC is the cheapest type of security system because of the limited number of resources utilized to manage the organization’s network. 

However, DAC is vulnerable to malware due to its complete end-user control. Since the end-user establishes the permissions that can flow to other in-house programs, a potential security breach can occur. Users can share their data and permissions, which leads to a low level of security and data protection.

DAC is a perfect solution for small and middle businesses with limited IT staff. It provides simple management and monitoring as well as enables data configuration and alteration without administrators. 

Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

MAC is the most restrictive one among the commercial door access control systems. Access is granted based on the clearance level and degree of confidentiality. 

The main features:

  • Providing a high level of safety, this security technology is difficult to set up and manage;
  • Overall, the system doesn’t offer the strong points of DAC — flexibility, and simplicity;
  • MAC only enables administrators to alter the permissions and other entities, which mitigates the likelihood of a cyberattack. 

MAC is mostly used by law enforcement, government, or military — the organizations that value data security over flexibility. In these organizations, breach of data would result in severe consequences. 

Role-based Access Control (RBAC)

RBAC restricts specific data and entry to an individual based on their job description. Instead of assigning different permissions to a particular employee, the system automatically grants access according to a person’s role in the organization.

The main features:

  • The system helps get rid of paperwork regarding password changes and other security concerns when employees change roles in the company;
  • RBAC increases operational efficiency by creating a transparent structure of the business. Based on this clear hierarchy, employees can do their jobs more effectively and independently. 

Health and financial organizations can take advantage of RBAC in terms of compliance. Since this system enables IT personnel and executive management to make adjustments in permissions, they can easily meet the regulations and avoid sensitive data exposure.

Access Control Systems Brands We Work With

We work with several well-established brands to ensure the high-quality installation of the access control system. Here you will learn the market leaders and discover their advantages as well as limitations.



Camden is one of the most prominent and fast-growing companies in the industry. It continuously offers innovations and sets new trends in the production of commercial key card access systems as well as their delivery and installation.


  • Camden offers an exclusive 3-year warranty for exit switches, a 5-year warranty for electric strikes as well as magnetic locks with a lifetime warranty;
  • Based in both Toronto and San Diego, they can deliver controllers across Canada and the United States within two working days;
  • Camden is known as an innovator: they have card readers in stock that can be connected with Bluetooth and operated by smartphones instead of fob cards or key cards. 



Bosch is one of the most well-known companies that drive electronic door system technology further. They help organizations work more efficiently and securely using the latest technological accomplishments and sensors. Bosch provides door control services, access control, voice alarms, and many more.


  • They implement biometric solutions that ensure that the badge holders are actually who they claim to be;
  • Bosch provides scalability by expanding the system according to the company’s growing needs;
  • Having many years of experience, Bosch offers flexibility and personalized solutions to different companies and projects. 



Cansec is a Canadian manufacturer of access control system services. They’ve been a reliable producer for 30 years and continue to offer affordable yet secure solutions.


  • They provide a robust access control solution that is easy to use and implement; 
  • Cansec offers a 5-year warranty as well as a one-time replacement for an honest mistake made on your side;
  • Next to their First Access® Systems, Cansec offers facial biometric readers and wireless locking systems to secure your workplace. 



ASSA ABLOY is one of the global leaders in the industry of access solutions. They cover every need a commercial or residential building might have: key fob entry system, mobile access, or biometric authentication. 


  • For increased security, ASSA ABLOY put Aperio on the market — a technology for online door access and control;
  • They’ve introduced the Highly intelligent Opening (Hi-O). Hi-O helps with door installation enabling easy set-up. It also predicts maintenance by allowing communication between all the door control system devices. That means that the system elements can be independently exchanged or fixed before breaking down and requiring expensive repairs. 



Mircom is one of the biggest access control installers that offer Intelligent Building Solutions. This organization has been on the market for almost 30 years, striving to make buildings safer and more livable.


  • Mircom offers an extensive collection of keypads and readers for both commercial and residential buildings;
  • Microm cards don’t require any maintenance because they operate without a battery.
  • They implement door entry control systems that can be accessed and programmed remotely.


Benefits of Access Control System for Your Property Protection

Keep track of all comings and goings

If your company is quite big, it’s nearly impossible to know everyone. The access control system ensures granted access to only authorized staff and denies entry to strangers. On top of that, a company can monitor their employees’ performance by keeping track of their arrivals and departures. 


Secure sensitive data

By limiting access to the building or its certain areas, you can ensure that unauthorized personnel won’t access sensitive information and documents.


Increased safety

Instead of entering the premises using a key, individuals can use a card. A keycard access system makes the process significantly faster and cannot be duplicated.


No keys are required

Another downside of keys is that they’re easy to misplace and lose, which leads to jeopardizing the company’s and people’s security and safety. If an employee loses a key, the company has to replace locks and distribute new keys, which results in unwanted expenses and effort. Keycards, on the other hand, can be deactivated remotely. 


Locks and Doors Can Help

Locks&Doors is a Toronto-based company that knows everything about doors and access control. With 15 years of experience, we’ve successfully carried out multiple projects and helped many businesses and private citizens secure their offices and homes. We’ll help you with any door-related inquiry and offer the perfect solution to your problem. Contact Locks and Doors and get an immediate consultation today.

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